Taksi Tuula Tuomivaara

Taxi services. Public road transport services. Transport services (excl. Waste transport). Road transport services.

FI-35100 Orivesi

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PT-Keskus Oy

Medical equipments, pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Medical aids. Repair and maintenance services of audio-visual and optical equipment.

FI-01510 Vantaa

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Facio Ehituse Aktsiaselts

Construction work for water and sewage pipelines. Service area construction work. Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work.

10136 Tallinn

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Aktsiaselts Inest Market

Heating oil. Furniture. School furniture. Petroleum, coal and oil products. Miscellaneous furniture and equipment.

2020 Kohtla vald

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G. Mohr GmbH

Painting work. Software-related services. Software implementation services. Industry specific software package. Software configuration services.

44795 Bochum

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T. Kohl

Sanitary fixture installation work. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installation work. Long-distance heating.

91720 Absberg

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Nihon Kohden France

Monitors. Recording systems and exploration devices. Medical breathing devices. Installation services of medical equipment.

94230 Cachan

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Koh I Noor Aps

Dressings. Bandages. Personnel-training services. Compresses. Adhesive dressings. Medical wadding. Plasters. Dressing packs.

8300 Odder

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Miary i Wagi S.J. Tomasz Kogut

Drying machines. Pressure-reducing, control, check or safety valves. Distilling, filtering or rectifying apparatus.

49-318 Skarbimierz Osiedle

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